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Your limited company must keep and maintain company registers for your company officers. Your company officers registers include the following:

Register of directors

This register of directors will contain details of all your company directors whether an individual or corporate directors. This register will exclude the individual director’s home address unless the director’s home address is also given as the director service address.

Register of directors’ residential address

This register of directors’ residential address is kept private and confidential and not for public inspection.

Register of secretaries

This register of secretaries is required only If your limited company has appointed a company secretary. Under the Companies Act 2006, this appointment is optional for a private limited company.

Any movements within your limited company officers structure whether appointment, resignation or changes of their personal details, your respective registers must be updated.

Companies House must also be informed of any changes to your company’s officers. Appropriate Companies House forms must be sent to Companies House within 14 days of the change.

Companies House forms

The Companies House forms are listed below:

Form referenceFiling purpose
AP01To appoint a director
AP02To appoint a corporate director
AP03To appoint a company secretary
AP04To appoint a corporate secretary
CH01Change of director’s personal details
CH02Change of corporate director’s particulars
CH03Change of company secretary’s details
CH04Change of corporate secretary’s details
TM01Company Director resignation
TM02Company secretary termination

If the information sent to Companies House does not match Companies House existing records, they may choose to accept your companies house forms but mark it as inconsistent with the public register until you corrected your filing.

The changes in your company officers must also be included when filing your confirmation statement.

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