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A limited company must keep and maintain the Register of secretaries. This is compulsory for a company registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom. There is an exception for private limited company. The appointment of a company secretary is optional.

Concurrently, your company must notify Companies House of your company secretaries. Your company secretaries details would be available on the public register. In other words, anyone can check who is your company secretary using Companies House web check service.

Your company must keep the following details of your secretary

For a person secretary

  • Name and any former name.
  • Address. This may be stated to be your company‚Äôs registered office address.

For secretaries that are bodies corporate or firms

  • its corporate or firm name
  • its registered or principal office
  • in the case of an EEA company, where it is registered and its registration number, otherwise, the legal form of the company or firm and the law by which it is governed and, if applicable, where registered and its registration number.

Thereafter, whenever there is a change to in your company secretary details, you must notify Companies House. This includes a new appointment and resignation. You must also update your register of secretaries accordingly. You must file these changes before you submit your confirmation statement.

Above all, the appointment of company secretary for a public limited company is compulsory. Furthermore, the person to hold the position must meet the required qualifications and experience set by law.

For example, the secretary must be a member of one of the professional accountancy bodies such as the ACCA or ICEAW. This is because the legal administration for a PLC is more complex than a private limited company. Especially the statutory filings with Companies House and complying with the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority.

However, there is no special requirement for the appointment of a company secretary for a private limited company. Any individual can be your company secretary if you prefer to have one.

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