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Appoint Secretary is a one off payment service. Our accountant will gather all the required details of your new company secretary and register them with Companies House for you.

You may appoint a corporate secretary or a person secretary.

Appoint secretary for a public limited company is compulsory and the person must have the required experience and academic qualification in order to fill in the position.

Whereas for a private limited company, the appointment of a company secretary is optional. The person taking on the responsibility as the company secretary does not need to have the minimum qualification and experience.

Companies House required you to submit your new company secretary appointment with them. Your company may appoint a nominee person secretary or corporate secretary.

Changes in Company Secretary

Your company must inform Companies House if there are any changes with your company secretary’s appointment, resignation and particulars such as a change in home address, service address or surname of a person secretary.

For your corporate secretary, it would be the change in registered office address and so on.

Companies House would contact your company secretary relating to your limited company administration and affairs.

The changes must be presented in your company’s Confirmation statement.


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