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How to change company authentication code

You can change your company’s authentication code at any time. How to change your company authentication code with Companies House is easy. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

Change company authentication

StepsAction to take
1You must log in to Companies house’s web filing service using your email address and password registered with Companies House for web filing service.
2You must also enter your company number and the authentication code issued by Companies House if this is the first time you are changing your authentication code.

If you have misplaced your original authentication code issued to your company by Companies House, you can request it again. It will be sent to your company’s registered office address.
3Once login into the web filing service dashboard, you will see “company authentication” on the left-hand menu. Click on it.
4You will be asked to choose a new 6 character code and re-enter the code again. then you click the “change code” button to activate the change.

Take note that Companies House will send a letter to your registered office address to confirm your authentication code has been changed. For this reason, it is important you make sure you are able to access mails sent to your company’s registered office address.
5 all done.

It is very important you treat your authentication code like your debit card and credit card pin because anyone who has access to your authentication code can file information for your company with Companies House.

Correspondingly, If the person is no longer authorized to file information for your company then change your authentication.

Prefer papers filings

If you prefer to submit papers filings instead of electronically with Companies House, you can cancel your authentication code.

Tick the box “I wish to cancel the company authentication code”. Then click the “cancel code” button. Take note that once you cancel your authentication code, you will not be able to submit your confirmation statement, company accounts, director appointment, and so on electronically.

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