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Concise Accountancy is a leading firm of London accountants. We provide accounting and auditing services to businesses and limited companies registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom.

What we do

Concise Accountancy publishes information to help you take care of your UK company filings with Companies House. Generally, your UK company must submit company accounts and Confirmation statements with Companies House every year. Also, corporation tax returns with the HM Revenue and Customs.

Company accounts

Even if your company has not yet started trading and is dormant, you must still submit your company accounts with Companies House. In such a circumstance, you would deliver a dormant company account. Another thing is there is a late filing penalty for delivering your company accounts late even just by one day.

Confirmation statement

The confirmation┬ástatement is a very important document. It has nothing to do with your company’s performance. It is basically a snapshot of your company information currently registered with Companies House. The law requires your company to confirm if the information is still valid at least once every 12 months. If there is any change, you must notify Companies House. By the way, failure to file your confirmation statement is a criminal offense. Then, your company would be liable to fines and imprisonment.

How do you start

You may file your company accounts online or on paper yourself if you wish. If you are to file online, you would require your authentication code. Not to worry, If you have misplaced your original code. You may request the code from Companies House again. Companies House will send the code to your registered office address within five working days.

Feel free to use the “search the site” on this website to search the information on how to prepare your company accounts what information is required for confirmation statement filing and so on. The information published on this website is sufficient to help you to get around filing your confirmation statement and company account just fine even if you never have done it before.

Concise information

Our blog regularly publishes helpful information to help businesses to take care of their UK company’s legal filings and we share great tips on how to maintain your UK company yourself while you are looking for an accountant for your business. We also share useful information to help young people start a business.

Contact us if you have any questions about your UK company.

You have a great day.

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