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Update director details


Update director details in your limited company register with Companies House. Our accountant will update your company director’s personal particulars with Companies House for you.

Company director whom personal particulars have changed must update his/her director details already registered with Companies House. you must do this before filing your confirmation statement.

For person director, a change in home address, service address or surname is required to file a Companies House form reporting the change with the Registrar of Companies.

Similarly, if there is a change in corporate director’s registered office this information must be communicated with Companies House.

Not only it is required by laws that update the director’s details with Companies House is compulsory but it is also enabled Companies House to contact your director for important matters about your limited company.

Companies can also appoint a nominee person director or corporate director.

Appoint Company Director

A public limited company must have a minimum of two directors whereas for a private limited company required only one person director.
The person is going to hold office as your company director must be 16 years old of age and must not already be disqualified to take on the responsibility as a company director under the Company Director Disqualification Act 1986.


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