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Companies House records your call

Companies House records your call to their helpline number 0303 1234 500 for 18 months. Thereafter the call log will be deleted. knowing this is helpful when errors occurred.

Certificate of good standing errors

For example, one of our accountants ordered a certificate of good standing from Companies House via the telephone. Usually, we wanted all information including directors and shareholders on the certificate. We received the certificate of good standing without this information only the very standard certification. But our client requires this information on the certificate for their bank. We contacted Companies House and we gave them the order number. They traced the call and listen to it again. In this situation, it was our accountant’s error, she forgot to request that information specifically. Consequently, we have to re-order the certificate and pay again. Lesson learnt for everyone.

Company dissolution error

Another situation was that a client approached us to submit their confirmation statement urgently. Companies House already proposed to strike off his company. Furthermore, his registered office address was no longer valid and he misplaced his company’s authentication code.

We contacted Companies House to request them to put the strike off on hold. We can do this if there is at least 2 weeks before the expiry of two months from a strike-off notice being published on the Gazette.

The staff answered the phone at Companies House agreed to put the dissolution process on hold. When we received our authentication code to file the confirmation statement online. The company is dissolved. To cut the long story short, we took advantage of “the Companies House records your call” and we provide the time and date of our call log. Companies House traced the call and listened to it. Companies House restored the company and waived the statutory fee.

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