Companies House records your call

Companies House records your call to their helpline number 0303 1234 500 for 18 months. Thereafter the call log will be deleted. knowing this is helpful when errors occurred.

Certificate of good standing errors

For example, one of our accountants ordered a certificate of good standing from Companies House via the telephone. Usually, we wanted all information including directors and shareholders on the certificate. We received the certificate of good standing without this information only the very standard certification. But our client requires this information on the certificate for their bank. We contacted Companies House and we gave them the order number. They traced the call and listen to it again. In this situation, it was our accountant’s error, she forgot to request that information specifically. Consequently, we have to re-order the certificate and pay again. Lesson learnt for everyone.

Company dissolution error

Another situation was that a client approached us to submit their confirmation statement urgently. Companies House already proposed to strike off his company. Furthermore, his registered office address was no longer valid and he misplaced his company’s authentication code.

We contacted Companies House to request them to put the strike off on hold. We can do this if there is at least 2 weeks before the expiry of two months from a strike-off notice being published on the Gazette.

The staff answered the phone at Companies House agreed to put the dissolution process on hold. When we received our authentication code to file the confirmation statement online. The company is dissolved. To cut the long story short, we took advantage of “the Companies House records your call” and we provide the time and date of our call log. Companies House traced the call and listened to it. Companies House restored the company and waived the statutory fee.

Withdraw your application to strike off your company

Normally, Companies House would publish a dissolution notice of your company on the Gazette for two months before struck it off the register. You can withdraw your application to strike off your company by delivering the company form DS02 to Companies House.

However, you can only withdraw your application if your company is still on the register. In other words, Companies House has not yet officially put a dissolved status on your company’s public record.

Compulsory withdrawal of your application

There are circumstances where your company must withdraw your application to strike off your company. One example would be that your company is still trading or has started trading.

Another example would be if your company have become insolvent. The company law does not allow people to use the company dissolution to avoid company paying debts.

Two ways to withdraw your application to strike off

The fastest way to withdraw your application to strike off your company is to submit the Companies House form DS02 online. For this, you would require your company’s authentication code to access the web filing service.

Another way to withdraw your company dissolution application is to download the form DS02 from Companies House website. You must print this form on A4 size white paper and complete the form in capital letters.

Then, send the completed DS02 form to Companies House.

If you have any questions about withdrawing your application to strike off your company, you may contact Companies House or speak with our London accountants.

How to object a company being struck off

You can object a company being struck off if you have good reasons to do so. For example, the company is still trading or owed you money when you see the dissolution notice on the Gazette. For this purpose, you must send your objection in writing with supporting evidence to Companies House.

Generally, your objection must reach Companies House within 2 months and at least 2 weeks before it is officially being struck off.

By email

You can send an email to Companies House at

By post

Companies House England and Wales

Dissolution Section
Registrar of Companies for England and Wales
Companies House
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ

Companies House Northern Ireland

Dissolution Section
Registrar of Companies for Northern Ireland
Companies House
2nd Floor
The Linenhall
32-38 Linenhall Street

Companies House Scotland

Dissolution Section
Registrar of Companies for Scotland
Companies House
4th Floor
Edinburgh Quay 2
139 Fountainbridge

May be too late to object

If you think your objection documents will not arrive in time, call Companies House – they may decide to delay the process by 2 weeks.

Companies House
Telephone: 0303 1234 500
Textphone: 029 2022 6788
Welsh language: 029 2038 0065
Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 6 pm

Call Companies House if you have a disability that prevents you from emailing or posting your objection. You’ll have one month to arrange for someone to email or post supporting evidence for you.

Review your objection

Thereafter, Companies House would review your objection and supporting evidence. If your application is successful, they will postpone the struck off process usually 3 or 6 months. During this period, you shall communicate with Companies House if you require more time to take legal action against the company and so on.

This is how to object to a company being struck off the register.

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