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Company dissolution

Buy dissolved company assets

Usually, a dissolved company’s assets are passed on to the Crown. You may be able to claim or buy dissolved company assets by asking the body representing the Crown. This is known as ‘referring’ an asset.

Who you ask depends on where the company was registered. Generally, if the company has a registered office in England then you write to the Treasury Solicitor.

Treasury Solicitor’s Department
Bona Vacantia Division (BVD)
PO Box 70165

For a dissolved company with a registered office in Cornwall and Lancashire, contact Farrer and Co. In Scotland, The Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer. In Northern Ireland – please contact the Crown Solicitor’s Office for Northern Ireland.

Crown Solicitor
Royal Courts of Justice
Chichester Street

Telephone: 028 9054 6037

Who can buy dissolved company assets

Anybody can buy (or refer) an asset, for example, if:

  • you’re the leaseholder of a property where the company owned the freehold
  • you want to buy or are affected by land owned by the company
  • you want to buy other assets of the company like shares, trademarks, or copyrights
  • you’re a shareholder trying to get cash held by the company
  • How to refer an asset
  • The Treasury Solicitor looks after dissolved company assets in England and Wales (but not Cornwall or Lancashire).

Commonly, Companies House strikes off a company from The Register either the Confirmation Statement or the company accounts or both are overdue. On the same note, the director of a dissolved company can apply to restore the company with Companies House.

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