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The Gazette UK official newspaper

The Gazette is the UK official newspaper. The Gazette publishes legal notices of companies listed for striking off, restoration and also in an insolvency proceeding.

Three Gazettes

There are three Gazettes in the United Kingdom:

  • The London Gazette – for companies incorporated in England and Wales
  • The Edinburgh Gazette – for companies incorporated in Scotland
  • The Belfast Gazette – for companies incorporated in Northern Ireland

Companies House publishes legal notices in the Gazette

When you apply to strike off your company voluntarily with Companies House in the United Kingdom, Companies House will publish a notice in the Gazette.

Similar procedure when Companies House propose to strike off your company for failing to deliver your confirmation statement and/or your company accounts.

The purpose of the publication is for the public to see what is going on with your company, and invite any objections to come forward before your company is being dissolved.

Which Gazette Companies house will publish your notice will depend on your company’s registered office address. For instance, if your company was incorporated in England then your company dissolution notice will be published in the London Gazette for a few months before being dissolved.

You can also see notices of companies being restored and companies gone under receivership and administration in the Gazette.

The UK Official public record

The Gazette Uk official newspaper is the official public record in the United Kingdom. The newspaper is being updated every week. You may read more about the Gazette here.

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