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London Companies House services

London Companies House services are very convenient for London based companies and also overseas-based customers to deliver documents by hand. Correspondingly, documents can be delivered here include your company accounts, your confirmation statements and other Companies House forms. This is especially helpful when your company accounts are urgent and due on the same day.

Limited registration services at London Companies House office

However, the London office does not provide full registration services like the other Companies House offices in the UK. For your information, only the following registration services available at the London office.

London office registration servicesForm to complete
New company Incorporationform IN01
Incorporation of a limited liability partnership (LLP).form LL IN01
Change the name of a company.form NM01 or NM04
change of name for an LLP.form LL NM01
registration of a limited partnership (LP).form LP5
registration of a UK establishment of an overseas company.form OS IN01
change of corporate name or alternative name of an overseas company.form OS NM01
Re-register your private limited company to a public limited company.form RR01
Re-register your public limited company as a private company.form RR02
Give notice of application to court: cancellation of resolution for re-registration.form RR03
Give notice of application to court: cancellation of resolution of re-registration.form RR04
Re-register your limited company as unlimited company.form RR05
Re-register an unlimited company as a limited company.form RR06
Re-register a public company as a private unlimited company.form RR07
Application for a trading certificate for a public limited company.form SH50
Reduction of share capital by either solvency statement or court order.form SH19

If you require any help handling documents for Companies House, feel free to speak with our accountants. They will be more than happy to assist you.

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