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Authentication code

Authentication code is required when come to filing your company’s documents online. The code issued by Companies House. Your authentication code is the electronic equivalent of your limited company director’s/sectary’s signature. The code is made up of 6 digits or mixture with numbers and alphabets.

You may find your authentication code in your company’s incorporation emails sent to you by your company formation accountants.

Companies House will also send your authentication code by letter to your company’s registered office address.

Request your code from Companies House

You may request your code from Companies House again. They will re-send your code by post to your company’s registered office.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, you can request your authentication code to be sent to your home address. Your code will take 5 working days to reach you.

Reset or change your code

You may request Companies House to change or reset your company’s authentication code to your preferred or easy for you to remember password. You must put your request in writing and the letter must be signed by your company director.

No access to mails at your company’s Registered Office address

In situation where you no longer able to access mails send to your company’s registered office address for whatever reasons, you may write to Companies House explaining your situation.

Send in the form AD01 to give your new registered office address together with the explanation letter. Companies House will update your registered office address and then re-send the authentication code to your new company’s registered office address. It is a very lengthy process and it could take weeks to complete.

On the other hand, Companies House would not send your code to anywhere else except your registered office.

If your confirmation statement or company account is overdue and Companies House already proposing to strike off your company, our accountants would be able to help you. They will contact Companies House to stop the striking off process concurrently request the code to do your filings.

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