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Company dissolution

Unregistered land

If you want to buy Bona Vacantia unregistered land that belonged to a dissolved company, you must provide proof. The Bona Vacantia Division (BVD) of the Government Legal Department will not help you to do the research. You must do it yourself and get independent legal advice.

Usually, the BVD will write to the former directors of the dissolved company to ask if they want to restore the company. If they are restoring the company, then you have to wait for the restoration to complete. Thereafter, you are to contact the company directly if you still want to buy the unregistered land.

It can be difficult to show ownership of unregistered land. You can find out whether land is registered or unregistered at the Land Registry by doing an index map search

The evidence you need to submit to buy unregistered land

  • a copy of your index map search
  • a copy of the conveyance (transfer document) of the land to the dissolved company. If this is not available you should explain why including what steps you have taken to find the document and send BVD other documentary evidence that indicates the land was owned by the dissolved company

Take note that BVD will not be able to deal with unregistered land If there is no evidence of the land’s ownership. A Land does not become bona vacantia just because the owner is unknown.

Restoring a company

Sometimes, Companies House strike off a company from The Register either or both the Confirmation Statement or company accounts are overdue. If this is the case, the company is able to apply to restore the company through administrative restoration and must bring all filings up to date upon restoration.

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