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Our accountants will handle your company administrative restoration process from start to finish. Our fee includes restoration application, a waiver letter and statutory filing fees payable to Companies House.

If your company’s confirmation statement and accounts are overdue at the time of restoration, Companies House will require all these documents be submitted with them at the same time.

Please contact us giving your limited company name and our accountants would check your current filing status with companies house and advise you accordingly.

You may apply to restore your company if it was struck off due to your confirmation statement and or your company accounts are overdue with Companies House.

Companies House would not accept the excuse of that your company is dormant or non trading, you would still legally required to deliver your dormant accounts and confirmation statement to Companies house every year.

Companies House will also strike off your limited company where important mails sent to your registered office repeatedly being returned to them and or your company directors failed to response to Companies House reminders.

You must update your company registered office with companies house if you no longer able to access to the mails sent there. It is your director responsibility to ensure the relevant  companies house form is submitted with companies house for the change of your registered office address to take effect.

The Companies Act 2006 has brought in a new provision for a limited company to apply for administrative restoration. This is simplified method of restoring a dissolved limited company without having to go through a court process.

The cost of administrative restoration is much cheaper and affordable compared to going through Court restoration process.

Administrative restoration is only possible if your limited company had not previously applied for a voluntary strike off and your limited company was struck off for less than 6 years and it was in business at the time of being struck off.


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