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Companies House strike off your company

Companies House has the power to strike off your limited company. This happens if they have reasonable cause to believe that your limited company is not carrying on business or in operation. Usually, this happens when your company’s Confirmation Statement and accounts are overdue.

First letter from Companies House

Companies House will send a letter to your registered office address to remind you of your overdue filings. If they receive no answer from your company director within 14 days of the letter sent, they would send second letter.

Second letter from Companies House

They will send a second letter to your company’s registered office stating that no answer has been received from you following their the first letter.

And, If they receive no answer within 14 days of the second letter, a notice will be published in the Gazette. The notice will state the intention to strike off your company from the Companies House register.

Companies House publish in the Gazette to strike off your company

At the expiry of the 14 days after the second letter, Companies House would publish their proposal to strike off your limited company in the Gazette. Concurrently, they will send a notice to your company’s registered office informing you that your limited company will be dissolved within two months of the notice.

If your limited company has a liability, i.e owed money to banks or organisations. In this case, every director and officer of your company continues to be liable. The liability may be enforced as if your company had not been dissolved after the dissolution.

How to avoid your company being struck off?

It is important that you have access to the mails send to your company’s registered office address. If you no longer have access to mails sent there. Notify Companies House with your new UK address.

For example, if you changed your company registered office recently, you must inform Companies House of the change. Normally, your service provider would submit the change with Companies House for you. However, sometime they may forget. If you do not know how to do this, contact our accountants, they would be able to help you.

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