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Change registered office address


Change Registered Office Address for limited company or limited liability partnership. Our accountant will handle your application for Change of Registered Office Address with Companies House for you.

The address must be situated in England, Wales or Scotland.

Your company must change your registered office address if you are no longer able to access mails sent to your existing registered office address. Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs send your statutory mails to your company registered office address. Therefore, it is important that you inform Companies House of your new company or limited liability partnership registered office address. You must do this before you submit your Confirmation Statement.

Limited company and Limited Liability Partnership must have a valid registered office in England, Wales or Scotland. The address must be a real address, not a P O BOX numbers.

If you do not have a suitable UK address, please contact our accountants.

Limited company and Limited liability partnership to take note that the public or any interested parties or person may still be able to send any legal document to your company‚Äôs or your limited liability partnership’s previous registered office address within 14 days after your new registered office address is registered with Companies House.

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