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Quality of work

Assessing the Quality of work in staff performance appraisal involved considering the accuracy, neatness, and thoroughness of work produced. Most importantly, the work meets the required standards.

Staff performance appraisal gives you the idea of what kind of training your staff required. Concurrently, it helps to assess if the staff is ready for promotion.

ParametersScore 1 to 10
Unacceptable work. Careless and many errors.1 2
Careless and untidy work. Work has to be checked occasionally.3 4
Work is satisfactorily complete, accurate, and presentable.5 6
Highly dependable. Quality is of high grade.7 8
Consistently accurate, neat, precise, and thorough. Totally dependable and maintains an exceptionally high quality of work.9 10
Circle one number only

Your score for Quality of work

Your score must match your staff’s standards of work produced consistently.

Give a high score to staff showing consistency in producing excellent work. For example, the staff is able to handle a company restoration from start to finish and keep the customers informed of the progress. As a result, the staff received multiple compliments.

Give a low score to staff who often made careless mistakes. For instance, Companies House rejected multiple filings done by the staff. In particular, filing of confirmation statement to Companies House.

Last but not least, to encourage the staff to do well, consider having a reward system in place for high achiever staff. For example, a bonus payment or extra holiday and so on.

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