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Knowing your staff’s productivity will help you to ascertain your business capacity to service your customers. For example, if you are in the hospitality industry, you would want to know your staff service ratio. For example, one waiter can take care of how many tables per shift to maintain a high-quality customer experience.

In assessing your staff productivity, you would consider your staff’s ability to consistently complete a given amount of work within the specified time.

ParametersScore 1 to 10
Slow in performing the job, the output is always inadequate1 2
Output barely acceptable fails to produce as expected3 4
Reasonable work speed and amount of work completed are satisfactory but not unusual.5 6
Quick and fast in performing the job, turns out a good volume of work accurately7 8
Consistently maintains outstanding levels of output9 10

Your score for staff’s Productivity

Your score must match your staff’s ability to produce or service.

Give a high score to staff who has a high productivity rate consistently. Let’s say you are in the accounting business, the staff is able to prepare and submit 20 or more confirmation statements to Companies House per day. She consistently meets the daily target.

On the other hand, you would give a low score to staff who consistently do not meet the daily target. For example, 10 out of 20 company restoration applications submitted to Companies House were rejected due to incomplete documents or minor errors.

This exercise also helps your staff to be aware of their productivity and make improvements going forward.

On the same note, consider having a reward system in place for high achiever staff. For example, a bonus payment or extra holiday and so on. For low-score staff, you may consider re-training the staff.

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