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Communication skills

Assessing communication skills in staff performance appraisal involves considering the staff’s ability to convey and present information in a clear, logical, and concise manner.

ParametersScore 1 to 10
Lacks ability or experience to present information in an adequate manner. Often causes considerable misunderstanding and confusion.1 2
Show a tendency to confuse and clarifications may be required. Needs help in relating ideas to others.3 4
Capable of expressing both verbal and written information clearly and directly to the point.5 6
Articulate, persuasive, and able to transmit information accurately and effectively. Written messages are usually presentable and convincing.7 8
Very effective in both verbal and written communication skills. Able to articulate persuasively to convince others to accept and support constructive ideas.9 10
Select one number only

Your score for communication skills

Your score must match your staff’s demonstrated communication skills.

Give a high score to staff who can communicate effectively. For example, the staff is able to communicate with your customers when asking for sensitive for preparing company accounts and confirmation statements for filing with Companies House.

Consider having a reward system in place for high achiever staff. For example, a bonus payment or extra holiday and so on to encourage them to keep going.

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