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Job knowledge assessment in staff performance appraisal allows your business to decide and design suitable training programs for staff.

Under this assessment, you would consider whether the staff has full knowledge of all aspects of the job. For example, familiarity with methods, procedures, standard practices, and techniques applicable to the job.

ParametersScore 1 to 10
Lacks basic job knowledge essential to the job and makes no effort to improve.1 2
Unfamiliar with some important aspects of the job and requires frequent coaching.3 4 5
Knows general aspects of the job and is able to perform under normal conditions.6 7 8
Good understanding of practically all aspects of the job and endeavour to acquire more.9 10
Has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the job and consistently demonstrates exceptional techniques.11 12
Choose one number only

Your score for Job knowledge

Your score must match your staff’s ability to perform based on their knowledge.

Give a high score to staff showing the ability to perform tasks at high standards consistently. For example, the staff is able to produce a set of micro company accounts from start to finish independently.

Give a low score to staff who received required frequent coaching to get the job done. For instance, the staff has a lack of interest to learn how to prepare and submit a confirmation statement to Companies House.

consider having a reward system in place for high achiever staff. For example, a bonus payment or extra holiday and so on. For low-score staff, you may consider re-training the staff.

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