Treat staff right

Treat staff right is the employer’s responsibilities. Your staff is protected by the employment law in the United Kingdom.

Your staff could make a complaint with the Employment Tribunals and this may attract unwelcome publicity for your company. As a result, the publicity can be damaging your business reputation and labelled you as bad employers.

Staff handbook

You may put in place a staff policy and procedures at work so everyone understand their roles within your company. Accordingly, as an employer and as an employee and what are the rules your staff must follow. This staff policy and procedures often being called a Staff handbook and it is a must have. Do not be put off by the fact that it is a time consuming writing the staff handbook task. The handbook is there to protect you as an employer and also will be used as a guide to resolve any disputes with your staff.

Treat staff right so they don’t complaint

Your staff can make a compliant to Employment Tribunals against your company for any of the following:

  • Sacking your staff on unfair ground
  • Not allowing your staff to take their holidays or breaks
  • Refusing employees’ rights
  • Discriminating against people who work for you, want to work for you or have worked for you
  • Not providing safe working environment for your staff
  • Paying your staff less than the national minimum wage
  • Asking your staff to work long hours
  • Flaw in disciplinary procedures
  • Not paying your staff for sickness, maternity and redundancy
  • Not paying men and women equal pay for the same job.

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