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Company Tax Return for HMRC. Our accountant will compute your company tax bill based on your company accounts provided by you and inform you how much tax your company shall pay and when. Our service also includes completion of your company corporation tax return and submission to HM Revenue and Customs for you.

Company tax return service is designed for limited company already prepared company accounts and would like our accountant to prepare your corporation tax computation and work out your corporation tax liability, if any.

Our accountant will complete and file your company tax return to HM Revenue and Customs for you.

Your company is obliged to pay corporation tax on your profit including capital gains.

If you have a company tax liability, you must pay your company tax to HMRC nine months and one day after their financial year-end.

There are interest penalties on unpaid taxes and fines for filing your tax return late.

Please be informed that all our new clients are subject to due diligence checks under the Money Laundering Regulation 2007.

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