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Many people think that a non-trading company or a dormant company does not have to deliver company accounts to Companies House because the company has nothing to show the public. Consequently, they received a late filing penalty. This penalty is not the same as fines imposed for not deliver your confirmation statement.

In accordance with the Companies Act, all limited companies including a dormant company that has been not traded are legally required to submit company accounts with the Registrar of Companies by the due date.

It is important you put together the books and records and send them to your accountants within a reasonable time to prepare your company accounts. Failure to do so, the company will have to pay a late filing penalty. If you are not sure your company accounts filing due date, you can check it at Companies House website.

It is important to note that a late filing penalty is automatically sent to your company registered office even if your company accounts are filed late just by one day.

The benefits of preparing your company accounts soon after your accounting year ended allow you to assess the performance of your company in that financial year and set your goals for the future.

In addition, your accountants will be able to advise you your corporation tax payable to HM Revenue and Customs from the accounts prepared so that you know how much cash to put aside for your corporation tax bill.

If you are required guidance on filing your company accounts, feel free to contact our accountants, they will be more than happy to assist you.

Late filing penalty

Company accounts delivered late byLimited company (LTD)Public limited company (PLC)
no more than 1 month£150£750
no more than 3 months£375£1500
no more than 6 months£750£3000
More than 6 months£1500£7500

The late filing penalty for limited liability partnership (LLP) is similar to that of a limited company.

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