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COVID news update

Travel to work in or out of the UK

Some people who travel to work in the UK from abroad during this pandemic may be entitled to travel exemptions. If you hold one of the following jobs then you may be exempt from completing the passenger locator form or self-isolating.

Jobs qualify for travel exemptions

The list of jobs that qualify for travel exemptions is as follows.

  • Diplomatic missions, international organisations and conferences
  • Representatives of a foreign country or territory or British overseas territories
  • Defence personnel, visiting forces and government contractors
  • Defence personnel, visiting forces and government contractors
  • Essential border security duties – UK officials and contractors
  • Essential border security duties – non-UK officials and contractors
  • Crown servants or government contractors
  • Regular work abroad
  • Regular work in the UK, living abroad
  • Bus and coach drivers
  • Drivers of goods vehicles
  • People transiting airside through the UK
  • Civil aviation inspectors
  • Eurotunnel workers
  • Eurostar International workers
  • Channel Tunnel system workers
  • Network Rail workers
  • Seamen and masters and inspectors and surveyors of ships
  • Aircraft pilots and crew
  • Seasonal agricultural workers
  • Water supplies and sewerage services workers
  • The Specialist technical workers – goods
  • Specialist technical workers – waste
  • Specialist technical workers – power infrastructure
  • Offshore oil and gas workers
  • Specialist technical workers – space infrastructure
  • Essential nuclear personnel
  • Nuclear emergency responder
  • OPCW, IAES and Euratom inspectors
  • Specialist aerospace engineers
  • Downstream oil facility workers
  • Postal workers
  • Medical treatment
  • Registered health or care professionals
  • Transporting human cells or blood
  • Human and veterinary medicines
  • Quality assurance inspectors for human and veterinary medicines
  • Clinical trials or studies
  • Data infrastructure maintenance
  • IT and telecoms workers
  • Work on electronic communications networks
  • International prison escorts
  • Environment Agency relating to flood and coastal erosion risk management
  • Film and television production
  • International elite sportspersons
  • Domestic elite sportspersons
  • Government contractors – the conduct of negotiations

Click here to read the guidance on jobs that qualify for travel exemptions.

Companies House filings during COVID-19 pandemic

Companies House created an interim paperless filing service to accept documents which would normally require a live signature. You can easily upload your documents to Companies House online platform.

You are also encouraged to use the WebFiling service to submit the following documents to Companies House.

For this purpose, you would require your company’s authentication code to file online. The authentication code is the electronic equivalent of your company’s director(s) signatures. Hence, you must keep it safe.

If you require help with your company’s filings, contact our accountants. They will be more than happy to assist you.

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