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Our accountant would process and submit your dissolution application with Companies House for you. You will be inform the stages of the dissolution process per Companies House time frame till your company dissolution is complete.

Dissolving your company is the next step to take if you no longer want to keep your company. You may apply to dissolve your limited company if it has been dormant or if it has not been traded for at least three months.

A dormant company and a non-trading company are required by law to continue to submit confirmation statements and company accounts with Companies House. And, also inform HM Revenue and Customs of its trading status. You will receive a late filing penalty if you fail to do so.

Dissolve Limited Company Process

An application to dissolve your company must be made with Companies House.

Your company director must inform and provide copies of the dissolution form to shareholders, suppliers, staff, and any other interested parties within 10 days of your dissolution application submitted with Companies House.

The Registrar of Companies will then post a notice of your company’s intention in the London Gazette and invite objections from the public of your company dissolution.

Your company will be struck off if there is no objection being put forward within the specified period of publication.

You are not required to deliver your confirmation statement and company accounts after your company is dissolved.

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