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Someone changed your registered office

It has come to your attention that someone has changed your registered office address. knowingly, this was done without your permission. You must take action to notify Companies House and rectify the situation immediately.

For example, you noticed the form AD01 was filed for your company without your authority. Another situation would be someone has submitted the form OS CH01 to Companies House to change the address of your UK establishment.

Use the Companies House Form RP02B

In this circumstance, you can apply to Companies House to have the form AD01 or the OS CH01 be removed. For this purpose, you complete and sign the form RP02B. The RP02B form is an application for rectification of a registered office or UK establishment address by the registrar of companies.

First and foremost, you only submit the form RP02B when the transaction to change your registered office address was forged or was done without your consent.

To report misuse of your address as your registered office address, you use the form RP07.

Deliver the form RP02B to

Thereafter, you send your completed and signed form RP02B to one of Companies House offices. Where to send your form RP02B is dependent on where is your company’s registered office address situated.

For companies registered in England and Wales, you send your form RP02B to the Companies House office at the address below:

Companies House
Crown Way
Wales CF14 3UZ
DX 33050 Cardiff

For companies with registered office in Scotland, you send your form RP02B to the Scottish Companies House office at the address below :

Companies House
Fourth floor
Edinburg Quay 2,
139 Fountainbridge
Scotland EH3 9FF
DX ED 235 Edinburg 1 or LP – 4 Edinburg 2 (Legal Post).

For companies with registered office in Northern Ireland, you send your form RP02B to the Companies House office at the address below:

Companies House
First Floor, Waterfront Plaza
8 Laganbank Road
Belfast, Northern Ireland BT1 3BS
DX 481 N.R. Belfast 1.

To prevent someone changed your registered office

For added security, you can join the PROOF scheme if you have not yet done so. The PROOF scheme stands for PROtected Online Filing. It was introduced to prevent companies from being hijacked.

Subsequently, after your company joined the PROOF scheme, certain paper forms filings including change of your registered office can only be filed online. For this, you would require your company’s authentication code. You must keep safe of your authentication code. You can also use the same authentication code to submit your confirmation statement.

Thereafter, Companies House will reject a paper AD01 form to change your registered office address. Companies House will return the form to your registered office address. However, if for any reason, you must file a paper AD01 form you must send in a consent form together with your AD01.

If you have any questions about removing an unauthorised filing for your company, contact Companies House.

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