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If you become aware someone has misused of your address as a registered office address of a company and a limited liability partnership (LLP), you can apply to Companies House to get your address removed.

Companies House has the power to rectify the situation under Section 1097A of the Companies Act 2006.

How to rectify misused of your address

For this purpose, you complete the Companies House form RP07. In the form, you must provide the following information.

Personal information

your personal’s details if you are an individual and leave the company name column blank.

Home address

You home address if this is the address was misused as the registered office address.

The company or LLP name and number

Enter the company or LLP’s details misused your address. Use the Companies House free search service to find the company number you are complaining about.

The company or LLP’s registered office address

On the Companies House search screen result, you will see the registered office address of the company or the LLP and enter that address. Technically, if you are claiming this company or LLP misused your address as their registered office address. The registered office address on the search screen shall be the same as your home address.

Reasons to change the company’s registered office address

Your reason can be the company or the LLP has no authority to use your address as their registered office.

Usually, you become suspicious of someone misused of your address when you received mails belong to a company or LLP continuously. Commonly, your letterbox would be flooded with junk mails too. And this can be annoying. On the other hand, you also risk people turned up at your home looking for the company or the LLP.

Additional evidence

Additionally, you must provide the following evidence to support your claim.

  1. You must prove that you have the right to the address. Your leasehold or freehold would be sufficient for this.
  2. If you have any written agreement to prove that you can use the address like a rent or tenancy agreement.
  3. Utility bills like water or electricity or council tax bill with your name and address printed on it within the last 6 months.

Generally, Companies House sends reminders to companies’ and LLPs’ registered office address when their confirmation statement and company accounts are due. You can return the posts to senders.

If you have any questions about removing your address misused by a company or LLP, contact companies House immediately.

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