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Director service address

Director’s service address is introduced with the objective to keep your company director’s home address private and confidential. For this reason, the Companies Act 2006 allows the director to provide a service address instead of his/her home address for public register. Bear in mind, Companies House would not accept P O Box address as your service address.

However, you must still provide your home address details but it would not be published. It is for Companies House records only.

The purpose of this is that of Companies House could send reminders to your directors. Especially, when your company accounts and/or confirmation statement are overdue. You must include your director service address before you submit your Confirmation Statement.

Changes in director service address

You must keep your service address record up to date with Companies House. If there is any changes to your service address, you must notify Companies House. Accordingly, you submit the relevant Companies House forms within 14 days. In this case, you would send in the form CH01 to Companies House. You must do it online or on a printed paper form. If you do it online, you require your authentication code.

Your service address can be the same as your registered office address

Your director’s service address can be the same your company registered office address. It can also be any other address as long as your director can access to mails sent to that address.

Nonetheless, you may use your home address as your company registered office address. At the same time, use as your director service address. In this case, Companies House would not make any reference as to the connection of your home address is also your company registered office address.

Most importantly, you must notify Companies House as soon as possible if your company director no longer able to access mails sent to his/her service address. You must give Companies House this news and provide a new suitable address as registered office and service address.

If you do not have a suitable address, you may use the address of a service provider. For this purpose, you would be required to provide proof of identity and proof of your home address. If you failed to do so, your address services would not be activated in the United Kingdom.

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