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Confirmation statement CS01 forms

Confirmation Statement CS01 is a statement confirming your company details registered with Companies House are still valid after 12 months and if there are any changes during the 12 months period to report.

Your company is required to submit your confirmation statement with Companies House every 12 months or at the anniversary of your company being incorporated.

You may submit your confirmation statement using the web filing service or by post to Companies House.

Companies House would reject incorrect or incomplete paper CS01 form. Click here for the common errors made by applicants when writing their company names on the Companies House forms.

There are many parts to the Confirmation Statement forms. Let’s we explained.

1. Confirmation statement CS01 the main form

This is the main confirmation statement CS01 form. You use this form if there are no changes to your company’s details that already registered with Companies House. Thus, you ignore the part 1, part 2, part 3 and Part 4 CS01 forms.

Company name and number

Make sure your company name and incorporation number entered on your CS01 form match exactly with your certificate of incorporation. Otherwise, Companies House will reject for CS01 form.

Confirmation statement date

The date to put on your Confirmation statement CS01 form is the made up date which is your due date for filing your statement with Companies House. If you do not know your Confirmation statement due date then You may check your filing due date on Companies House website.

Do not forget to pay the statutory filing fee payable for filing your confirmation statement with Companies House. The paper filing fee is £40 and the online fee is £13.

2. Confirmation statement CS01 Part 1 to Part 4

You must complete these Confirmation statement CS01 part 1 to part 4 forms if there were any changes to your company details already registered with Companies House within the last 12 months.

Part1 – Standard industrial classification (SIC) code change

Use this form if your principal business activity has changed. For example, you formerly provide computer software installation services and now you provide interior designs services.

Part2 – Statement of capital change

Use this form if there is any changes to your share class and number of shares.

Part3 – Trading status of shares and exemption from keeping a register of people with significant control (PSC)

Use this form if your company shares trading status has changed. For example, your shares have admitted to the stock exchange.

Part4 – Shareholder information change

Use this form if there is changes to your shareholders’ information.

You may Contact Companies House if you have any questions on filing your confirmation statement. Alternatively, our accountants can help with your confirmation statement filing.

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