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Common errors with company name on Companies House form

Common errors with company name on Companies House form and company accounts which lead to Companies House to reject them.

If you choose to deliver your paper documents to Companies House. Be it your Companies House form or company accounts, you must write your company in full. This includes your company name ending.

First, your company accounts and Companies House form must be printed on A4 size WHITE PAPERs. If you are using a firm of accountants to help you with your company account preparation, they will usually submit your accounts to Companies House for you.

Where to get Companies House forms?

If you are filing paper form to Companies House yourself, you can download the Companies House forms from the Companies House website.

Alternatively, you use the ‘form reference’ to search the form from the Companies House website. For example, if you would like to file your confirmation statement on a paper form, the form reference is CS01. Type CSO1 on Companies House search bar and the latest form will appear on the search results. Click to download it.

On the same note, use BLACK ink to fill in your paper form.

The exact spelling of your company name per your certificate of incorporation

You must write your exact company name as per your certificate of incorporation. Also, your company registration number must be correct. Your company Company names that have spelling errors or variations will be rejected by Companies House.

For example, say, your company full name is THE PRETTY BLUE EYES LIMITED. Companies House will accept your form with your company name omitting the “THE” in front of your company name.

On the other hand, if your company name is LOVE THE HEART LIMITED and you wrote “LOVE HEART LIMITED” in your Companies House form then your form is likely to be rejected.

Common errors with company name on Companies House form include the company name ending.

Companies House accept specific abbreviations on your company name

If you are to use abbreviation on your company name, ensure you use companies House’s acceptable abbreviations.

The acceptable company name ending abbreviations are listed below.

Limited companies

For Public limited companiesFor Private limited companies
Public Limited CompanyLimited
Cwmni Cyfyngedig CyhoeddusCyfyngedig

Limited liabilities partnerships

For LLPs
Limited Liability Partnership
Partneriaeth Atebolrwydd Cyfyngedig

Community interest companies

For community interest companies (private limited)For community interest companies (public limited)
Community Interest CompanyCommunity Interest Public Limited Company
CICCommunity Interest PLC
C.I.C.Community Interest P.L.C.
Cwmni Buddiant CymunedolCwmni Buddiant Cymunedol Cyhoeddus Cyfyngedig
CBCCwmni Buddiant Cymunedol CCC
Cwmni Buddiant Cymunedol C.C.C.

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