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Check before filing your Confirmation Statement

Check before filing your confirmation statement to make sure changes in your company information within the last 12 months have been included. Your reference point to keep track of your changes is from the date of your incorporation if it is your first confirmation statement. On one hand, if this is not your first confirmation statement then your reference point is your last confirmation statement date or last annual return filed.

For example, if you have recruited a new director after your confirmation statement has been filed. Then This director appointment must be included in your next confirmation statement.

Another point to mention is that the confirmation statement replaces the annual return filing. Annual return has been abolished after 30 June 2016 so you file confirmation statement after that date.

Confirmation statement reminders

Generally, Companies House sends reminders to your company registered office a few weeks before your confirmation statement is due. Your company director will also receive a copy of the reminders send to his/her director service address.

Companies House reject Confirmation Statement

Overall the information on your confirmation statement should match your company information already registered with Companies House.

Companies House will reject your confirmation statement if the information on your statement does not match their record, incomplete or incorrect.

In some situations, Companies House may accept your confirmation statement if the information you provided is complete but does not match their records. In this situation, they may MARK your confirmation statement as inconsistent with the public register. The message is prominently displayed on Companies House website and anyone checks your company record is able to see it. However, the message will be removed once the inconsistency is rectified. So it is important that you check before filing your confirmation statement.

Changes affecting your confirmation statement

Generally, changes affecting your confirmation statement include changes in your principal business activity, share capital, shareholders information and person with significant control (PSC). In order to effect these changes, you must use the CS01 part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 forms.

Additionally, you must complete and submit Companies House forms for any other changes other than mentioned above before or at the same time you submit your confirmation statement. The companies house form reference is listed below.

Update information held at Companies HouseCompanies House forms to submit
If you moved your company registered office address to other address during the 12 monthsAD01
To register details of your new company director and secretary.AP01, AP02, AP03, AP04
To provide an updated home address or legal name change or service address of your company director or secretary.CH01, CH02, CH03, CH04
To remove the name of your company director or secretary already resigned from office.TM01, TM02
To inform Companies House where you keep your company registers (statutory books) if it is not at your registered office. This address is also known as SAIL (Single Alternative Inspection Location).AD02, AD03, AD04
If you issue new shares during the 12 monthsSH01
If there is a change to your company’s total share capitalA statement of share capital

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