Correct mistakes on your Confirmation Statement

You can correct mistakes on your Confirmation Statement with Companies House. The Companies Act 2006 only allows one Confirmation Statement to be filed for a confirmation period. In other words, you cannot replace the entire confirmation statement you already filed with Companies House with a new one for the same period. However, there is a way to do it. You must apply to Companies House.

How to correct mistakes on your Confirmation Statement

If it has come to light that your last confirmation statement contained errors, you can Second Filing to correct mistakes on your confirmation statement.

The correct way to do it is, you complete the form RP04 on paper together with the part of the confirmation statement form that contains errors.

For example, if the details of the Person with Significant Control (PSC) was incorrect, then you would complete Part 5 of the CS01 form only. Likewise, if your statement of capital is incorrect, then you would complete part 2 of the CS01 form.

Thereafter, you only send your RP04 and the relevant part of the CS01 form with the corrected information to Companies House. Do not send the whole CS01 form to Companies House, not even the front page of the CS01 form.

Another document you must include is the PR03 if your company has opted in the PROOF scheme.

To amend your company accounts already submitted to Companies House, simply send in your amended accounts and mark the account as “AMENDED”. Then, Companies House will publish both accounts on your public record.

If you have any questions about correcting mistakes on your confirmation statement, contact companies house.

What happens if you forget to submit your confirmation statement?

Companies House requires every limited (LTD) company and limited liability partnership (LLP) to submit their confirmation statement and annual accounts every year. This includes companies not yet started trading. In other words, dormant companies. So, what happens if you forget to submit your confirmation statement?

First of all, It is a criminal offence to not submit your confirmation statement.

Consequently, all your company directors and company secretary ( if you have one) may be prosecuted and subject to expensive fines.

Another thing is, Companies House may strike off your company from the public register. Your company would then have a prominent status of “DISSOLVED” on the public register. This status also means that the public can register the exact same company name as yours dissolved one if they wish. If your company name is taken by someone then you cannot restore your dissolved company.

This is what happens if you forget to submit your confirmation statement.

How to submit your confirmation statement

Generally, you have 14 days to deliver your confirmation statement with Companies House. You can do it online or deliver your printed A4 size confirmation statement CS01 form by post.

Reminders to your registered office

Usually, Companies House would send out reminders to your registered office to remind you of your document due. If they receive no response, they will send out reminders to your director’s service address. If they still receive no response from your company, after a period of time lapsed, Companies House will strike off your company from the public register. Therefore, it is very important that you ensure your registered office and service address are up to date with Companies House.

Become a British citizen

UK company director and company secretary must notify Companies House if you have changed your nationality recently. For example, you are applying to become a British Citizen and your application has been successful. In other words, the UK Home Office has issued you a British passport. In this case, you must notify Companies House of your new nationality.

You may use this list of nationalities to check if you specify your nationality correctly in your Companies House form and your confirmation statement.

Notify Companies House

If you are a company director with Companies House, use the form CH01 to notify Companies House that you have become a British citizen.

Whereas, if you are a company secretary, you must use the form CH03 to update your nationality with Companies House.

Generally, you notify Companies House using the online web filing service or send in your completed CH01 form by post.

If you are going to do it online. you would require your company authentication code. Without the code, you would not be able to file online.

However, you could send in your completed CH01 or CH03 form to one of Companies House offices by post. To expedite the processing of your application, it is best to send your form the appropriate address below:

For companies registered in England and Wales:

The Registrar of Companies, Companies House,
Crown Way, Cardiff, Wales, CF14 3UZ.
DX 33050 Cardiff.

For companies registered in Scotland:

The Registrar of Companies, Companies House,
Fourth floor, Edinburgh Quay 2,
139 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 9FF.
DX ED235 Edinburgh 1
or LP – 4 Edinburgh 2 (Legal Post).

For companies registered in Northern Ireland:

The Registrar of Companies, Companies House,
Second Floor, The Linenhall, 32-38 Linenhall Street,
Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT2 8BG.
DX 481 N.R. Belfast 1.

Section 243 exemption

If you are applying for, or have been granted protection of your home address under section 243 exemption, please post this form to the different postal address below:

The Registrar of Companies, PO Box 4082, Cardiff, CF14 3WE.

The update of your company director’s and secretary’s personal particulars with Companies House would not affect your company accounts disclosure.

New Companies House forms after Brexit

Some Companies House forms will change after Brexit. There would not be a problem for you if you file online yourself. However, if you are going to do a paper filing ensure you download the correct Companies House form.

Companies House would reject incorrect or incomplete forms. Click here for the common errors made by applicants when writing their company names on the Companies House forms.

File online

Companies House is well prepared for Brexit. They anticipate and prepare for in the event of Brexit no-deal and had issue guidance in advance of the changes may affect UK Companies after Brexit.

For this purpose, Companies House would update their web filing system with the latest necessary changes to ease the transition. To file online, you would require your authentication code.

New Companies House forms for corporate officers

In the event of UK leaves EU with no deal the following Companies House forms would change. The changes on these forms are subject to approval by Parliament.

The draft legislation is called The Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships and Partnerships (Amendments etc) EU Exit Regulations 2019.

The new Companies House forms would take effect on the exit day.

Form referenceCompanies House Form name
IN01Company incorporation
LLIN01Limited liability partnership incorporation
AP02Corporate director appointment
LLAP02Corporate LLP member appointment
AP04Corporate secretary appointment
CH02change of corporate director details
LLCH02change of corporate LLP member details
CH04change of corporate secretary details

Confirmation statement

Companies House states there will be minor changes to references in sections C1 and C3 of the confirmation statement CS01 form which refer to regulated markets outside the UK.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Companies House or our accountants. We would be happy to help you.

How to complete Confirmation Statement

How to complete Confirmation Statement CS01 form for Companies House. You may submit your CS01 form online using Companies House web filing service or on paper by post.

The Confirmation statement replaces the annual return filing.

File Confirmation statement CS01 online

You would require your company authentication code to be able to file online. You follow on screen instructions to complete your CS01.

The online CS01 form populate your company information already on Companies House record. All you have to do is to check if the information is still valid. If there was changes since your last confirmation statement date, you would be able to file the relevant Companies House form straight away.

Say you have appointed a new company director, you would be able to file your AP01 form and the new director’s appointment will be updated on your CS01 form. It is that simple.

Likewise if certain compulsory information is omitted from your CS01 form, for example, if you have not yet submitted your Person with Significant Control (PSC) particulars, the system will prompt you to enter the information and it would not allow you to submit the CS01 form until you do.

Before you click submit, you must tick the box to declare all the information is accurate to the best of your knowledge. You would have to pay the statutory filing fee of £13 to Companies House online to complete your filing. Companies House will email you to confirm receipt of your submission and also to confirm if your filing has been accepted or rejected.

File CS01 on paper

More manual check is required when you file your Confirmation statement on paper.

Companies House will return your confirmation statement form if the CS01 form is incomplete and the information is incorrect. This is likely to happen if you put your new registered office address on your CS01 form but you did not file your AD01 form to change your registered office address with Companies House at the same time or beforehand.

Tips to help you

Company name and number

Make sure your company name and incorporation number match the information on Companies House website.

Business activity

You have provided the description of your company’s principal business activity and specify a SIC code. Choose the SIC code closely described your company’s business activity.

Registered office

The address entered in your confirmation statement CS01 form must match the registered office address held by Companies House.

If you are changing your company’s registered office address, you must complete the form called AD01 and send in together with your confirmation statement form.

Statement of capital

You must provide Shareholders details, classes of shares together with the voting right attached to each share.

Company directors and secretary

If there were changes in your company officers since the last confirmation statement date and you have not yet informed Companies House, you must fill in the appropriate forms below.

  • Use form AP01 if new director was appointed.
  • Use form CH01 if there was changes to director’s personal details.
  • For corporate director’s appointment, please use form AP02 and changes in details please use the form CH02.

Person with significant control (PSC)

You must disclose the person with significant control of your company and update Companies House if there were changes during the past 12 months.

Finally you must sign your confirmation statement form and enclosed the correct filing fee.

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