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Superseded Companies House forms

Superseded Companies House forms listed below are for your reference only and would only be valid for filing of your company information before 1 October 2009.

For your company filings beginning or after 1 October 2009, you must use the new Companies House forms for filing. The new forms have different sets of referencing to that of the superseded companies house forms.

Form referencePurpose of the form
Form 288aAppointment of director or company secretary
Form 288bDirector or company secretary resignation
Form 288cChange of particulars for director or company secretary
Form 225Change of accounting reference date
DCA formDormant Company Account if your company has not traded during the year
Form 363aAnnual Return to be filed every anniversary since incorporation. The replacement for this is now called Confirmation statement CS01.
Form 190Location of debenture holders
Form190aLocation of register of debenture holders in a non-legible format
Form 287Change your Registered office address
Form 353Location of register of members
Form 353aLocation of register of members in a non-legible form
Form 88(2)Return of allotments of shares
Form 123Increase in nominal capital (with resolution)

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