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Your bank closed your bank account

Your bank closed your bank account if they established that your Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has been struck off the Public Register. You can contact Companies House to find out yourself. For this purpose, the quickest way to find out is to look up on Companies House website. They publish every businesses’ trading status registered with them. The trading status will either ACTIVE or DISSOLVED.

For your information, dissolved companies and LLP assets including money in their bank accounts automatically belongs to the Crown. To access the money in your bank account again, you must restore your company or your LLP with Companies House.

Why Companies House Struck off my company or LLP

Normally, Companies House struck off a company or a LLP from the register because of either their confirmation statement or their company accounts or both were overdue for a couple of months already. At the same time, Companies House has not been able to contact the company directors.

Companies House will proceed to strike off your company or LLP if they do not receive any response after multiple reminders were sent out to your registered office. It is important that you ensure you are able to access mails sent to your registered office.

If you have moved office or no longer able to access mails sent to your current registered office, your must provide Companies House with your latest registered office address. PO BOX address is not acceptable.

How to access your bank account again

First of all, in order to access the money in your bank account again, you must restore your dissolved company or LLP with Companies House.

On the same note, do let your bank know of your intention to restore your company. Following this, you will inform them once your company has been restored. Thereafter, you follow their procedure to access the money in your bank account again.

Restore dissolved company

Restoring your company with Companies House involved submitting the following documents to Companies House.

  • Completed Administrative Restoration Application Form
  • Confirmation statement if your statement were overdue.
  • Company account if your account were overdue.
  • Waiver letter from the Treasury Solicitor.
  • Applicable statutory fees
  • Late filing penalty if your account was already late at the time your company were struck off.

Companies House will reject your application if the required documents and applicable statutory fees are not incomplete.

If you have not done this before it is best to hire an accountant to do it for you.

Alternatively, you may consider using our restoration service. Our accountant will take care of all the paperwork and submission for you. Concurrently, you will also get update with the restoration progress from our accountant.

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