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Voluntary strike off after company name changed

The UK company law stipulates the procedure companies must follow in order to make a voluntary strike-off application after a company name changed. Section 1004 of the Companies Act deals with this specifically.

Company name changed in the previous 3 months

If you have changed your company name recently and it is still within 3 months period then you must not make an application for a voluntary strike-off. It is a criminal offense to make an application in contravention to this section.

For example, You have been trading since January 2018 using the company name Happy Flowers Limited. Later, you decided to change your company name to Elegance Florists Limited on 1 June 2022. The earliest you can apply to dissolve your company is September 2022.

Your obligation to deliver your confirmation statement and company accounts to Companies House continues. Your confirmation statement and company accounts’ filing due dates are published on the Companies House website. Take note that there is a late filing penalty if you deliver your company accounts late even just by one day.

Voluntary strike-off application

Companies House would accept your dissolution application if your company name changed beyond 3 months.

It is very easy to dissolve your company. You must complete the form DS01 and send it to Companies House. Thereafter, you must inform your shareholders, suppliers, employees, and all interested parties of your intention. The announcement must be made within 10 days after you have submitted your application.

You can do it yourself or hire our accountant to do it for you.

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