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UK economic recovery discussions

A press release was published today (15 June 2020) by Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The Business Secretary, Mr Alok Sharma has chaired a number of the UK economic recovery discussions.

The discussions were joined by businesses, business representative organisations, regulators and leading academics. The discussions cover the following major topics:

  • Green recovery
  • Increasing opportunity
  • Backing new businesses
  • The future industry
  • The UK open for business

Click here for the full press release report.

These discussions were vital to assist the UK government to support economic recovery and create opportunities for growth in the UK over the next 18 months and beyond.

If you or your organisation would like to submit your ideas and insights in relation to the below questions, You are welcome to email

Supporting new businesses

How to make the UK the best place in the world to start, grow and expand a business. The debate was joined by the following reputable 18 organisations:

  1. Bought by Many
  2. Boxpark
  3. Coltraco Ultrasonics Ltd
  4. Ecuity Consulting LLP
  5. Entrepreneur First
  6. Enterprise Nation
  7. Evergen Group
  8. Federation of Small Businesses
  9. Geovation
  10. IAND
  11. M Squared Lasers
  12. Macro Eagle
  13. Marshall Wace
  14. McKinsey
  15. Plexal
  16. Richer Sounds
  17. Scale Up Institute
  18. Unilink Group

The questions discussed include:

  1. what are the most significant barriers to starting and growing a business in the UK?
  2. what are the most critical factors for successfully growing a business in the UK?
  3. how can we support businesses through venture capital?
  4. what specific actions should we take to ensure the UK creates a strong pipeline of investable start-ups that have the potential to grow?
  5. what more can be done to encourage businesses to invest in their own success?

If you or your organisation would like to submit your ideas and insights in relation to the below questions, You are welcome to email

The UK open for business

The UK also welcomes investments to the UK. The debate was joined by the following reputable businesses and organisations.

  1. Adam Smith Institute
  2. Airbus
  3. Caterpillar
  4. Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics
  5. CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd
  6. Deloitte
  7. EY
  8. GIC
  9. Google
  10. Griffin Growth
  11. Iberdrola / Scottish Power
  12. Institute of Directors
  13. Lord Mayor of the City of London
  14. Marks & Spencer
  15. National Institute of Economic and Social Research
  16. Smith and Nephew
  17. Synthomer

The questions participants were asked to address included:

  • What aspects of the UK offer should we focus on enhancing?
  • Are there any particular types of investor, project or investment that business and government should prioritise for investment in the UK?
  • What specific approaches would help ‘land’ more investment deals for the UK?
  • How can access to finance support inward investment, and what role can government play in facilitating this?
  • How could we more effectively retain and expand existing UK investors’ presence?

If you or your organisation would like to submit your ideas and insights in relation to the below questions, You are welcome to email

UK company incorporation

Setting up a UK company is very easy and quick. You can have your new company registered as quick as within one business day. Concise Accountancy offers company formation services. Our accountants will handle your new company incorporation for you from start to finish.

Company name availability check

You can use the Company name availability checker to check if your proposed company name is available for registration.

Maintain your limited company

Firstly, at every anniversary of your company, you are required to submit your confirmation statement with Companies House. The confirmation statement is a snapshot of information about your company shares structure, directors, shareholders and registered office.

Additionally, you must also submit your company accounts and tax return to Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

If you have any questions about registering a UK company, do not hesitate to speak to our accountants. Alternatively, you may contact Companies House directly.

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