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Check proposed company name

We encourage you to use the new company name availability checker to check if your proposed company name is available. This is a free service and would ensure your new company incorporation application is smooth with Companies House.

New proposed company name availability

Companies House would reject your company incorporation application if your proposed company names have already been registered by someone else. Your company name must not also too similar to existing company names.

For this purpose, the company name availability checker is very handy. It would prompt you if your proposed company name is too similar to existing company names.

For example, If someone has registered a company name called Best Accountants Limited with Companies House and you would like to register Best Accountancy Limited. Best Accountancy Limited would be considered too similar to Best Accountants Limited. Even if your company name is successfully registered by Companies House, if the director of Best Accountants Limited challenged it, you would have to change your company name to something else.

If your desired company name is available, the next step would be the register your company before someone else does.

Feel free to contact our London accountants or Companies House if you have any questions about your company name availability.

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