Staff handbook and appraisal

The employment law has given employees more protection in recent years. There are now disciplinary and grievances procedures you must follow if you are firing your staff. Employers who sacked their employees without reasonable grounds can get themselves into serious trouble. Having a staff handbook and appraisal is useful when comes to employment disputes.

However, if you stay on the right side of the law, follow all the statutory disciplinary procedures and fair about the reasons for dismissal you do have the right to sack your employees.

The laws are there to protect employees from bad employers. These laws also help employers to protect themselves from disgruntle employees.

The law is not a burden to good employers who look after their employees and promote fairness within workplace.

It is a good practice to have an employee handbook and formal appraisal system in place at work so that every employee is aware of your company’s policy and procedure and the purpose of the appraisal system.

The appraisal system is used to evaluate staff performance and any aspects of staff shortfall can be picked up and encourage improvements and it can also be used as planning for staff training on desired skills.

If you are thinking of employing people or your company has employees but do not have time to prepare employees handbook and appraisal forms. You are welcome to speak to our accountants. They will be able to offer you the best solutions.

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