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Secretary duties

The duties of a Company secretary are not specified by law but are usually detailed in the employment contract. Ordinarily, no special qualification is required to hold the secretary position in a private limited company.

However, a public limited company is compulsory. For this purpose, the secretary must hold certain qualifications as specified in the Companies Act. For instance, you must hold a membership with one of the professional accountancy bodies such as ICEAW or ACCA etc.

Maintain statutory company registers

Generally, the main duties of a company secretary are that of responsible for maintaining the statutory company registers. For instance, ensure statutory filing with Companies House are taken care of at all times.

Submit Confirmation statement

Submit Confirmation statement to Companies House within 14 days. It is a criminal offence for failing to submit your confirmation statement.

Deliver company accounts

Ordinarily, ensure company accounts are filed with Companies House on time. For your information, a private limited company must deliver accounts to Companies House within 9 months after the accounting year-end. Whereas for a public limited company, you must submit your accounts within 6 months after their accounting year-end. Otherwise, your company will receive a late filing penalty if your accounts are late.

Concurrently, supply copies of company accounts to people entitled to receive them such as company directors, debenture holders, shareholders and every person who is entitled to receive your company accounts.

Notify Companies House of statutory changes

Firstly, send copies of resolutions and agreements to Registrar of Companies.

Secondly, prepare and submit relevant Companies House forms for any changes in appointment or resignation of directors and company secretary.

For example, you must notify Companies House using the form TM02 if your company secretary resigned. On the other hand, you notify Companies House using the form AP03 for a new secretary appointment.

Besides, You must also notify Companies House if your existing company secretary has recently changed their personal particulars. For example, the secretary changed her surname by marriage. In this case, you use the form CH03 to notify Companies House.

Additionally, update registered office address and also register a charge with Companies House and so on.

Thirdly, maintain and update company registers. You can use the standard company registers to help you maintain your registers. It comes with standard templates. Many people use the standard company registers booklet as reminders of what to keep in their company registers.

Administer meetings and prepare minutes

Notify directors, members and auditors of meetings. And also prepare and keep copies of minutes of meetings.

Other secretary duties

Custody and keep safe of the company seal, if your company has one.

Lastly, manage the request to inspect your company registers. This aside, you must notify Companies House if your company registers are not kept at your registered office. In this case, use the form AD02.

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