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A Limited company uses a company seal to endorse and officialese formal contracts, lease agreements and share certificates. The seal is also known as a corporate seal or common seal.

Your director must authorize the use of your corporate seal, if your company must have it as spell out in your Articles of Associations

Generally, your director and/or company secretary must witness and sign the document whenever a seal is affixed.

In other words, use of the corporate seal is not compulsory unless your Articles of Association required it.

For this reason, a signature of your company director or your company secretary, either or both, on behalf of your company has the same effect as if the document had been executed under seal.

On the other hand, you may require a seal for conducting business abroad or entering into contracts with overseas customers or suppliers. Their legal representatives may require that your company affixes an official seal to the commercial contracts.

Traditionally, many companies still use either a a seal to execute official documents in the United Kingdom. This is because its use is perceived as a strong authority in signifying a genuine document.

When to order

Normally, you would order your seal after your limited company have been successfully incorporated. This is because you must provide your company name and registration number. You may find this information in your certificate of incorporation.

Plier and Embossers to officialise documents

There are many types of seal you could buy in the United Kingdom. The HPI Plier range and LWI embossers. Both products range produce high quality imprints on paper up to 120gsm.

Each of this embosser and plier comes with a standard circle layout with your company name and registration number. You may also add your own logo to your plier or embosser for an extra cost.

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