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Appoint company secretary

Appoint UK company secretary for a public limited company is compulsory and it is optional for a private limited company.

A public limited company (PLC) must appoint a company secretary as required by the Companies Act. It is the duty of your company directors to take all reasonable steps to secure that your company secretary has the requisite knowledge, experience and qualifications. One of the reasons for such strict rules on appointment of secretary is that statutory filings for a PLC is stricter and more complex compared to a private company. Especially, a public limited company that have their shares quoted in the London Stock Exchange.

Skills and qualifications

Generally, your company secretary must have the following skills and qualifications detailed below. The person to hold the secretary position must be or have,

  • At least three of the five years immediately proceeding his appointment as your company secretary.
  • A barrister, advocate or solicitor called or admitted in any part of the United Kingdom.
  • Capable of discharging the functions of a company secretary.
  • Member of any of the professional bodies listed below.

Professional qualification

Additionally, the person to hold the company secretary position must be a member of at least one of the following professional bodies.


Whereas, there is an exception to the skills and qualifications required for the appointment of a company secretary for a private limited company.

If you wish to appoint a company secretary, the person does not need to have a professional qualification.

How to notify Companies House of your new company secretary

Use the form AP03 to notify Companies House for an appointment of your new company secretary. Subsequently, if you would like to change the details of your company secretary, please complete the form CH03 and deliver it to Companies House.

Thereafter, If you would like to remove your company secretary, please complete the form TM03.

Generally, Companies House requires every limited company to submit their confirmation statement once every 12 months. You would have the opportunity to update your company secretary’s information if there are any changes you have not yet notified Companies House.

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