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Re-register from private limited company to unlimited company

Companies House provides the service to re-register a private limited company to unlimited company under the Companies Act 2006.

You must complete the Companies House form RR05 if you would like to re-register your private limited company to an unlimited company. Then, send your application form to Companies House.

Desired company name

First and foremost, you must provide your existing company full name and registration number. Your company name and registration number must match your certificate of incorporation or certificate of change of company name. Subsequently, you enter your desired new company name.

After that, your directors must sign the RR05 form. You may use the additional page if you need to enter more details.

Your application must include the following.

  • The form of assent for re-registration of a private limited company as unlimited.
  • A printed copy of the amended articles of association.

The form of assent

Essentially, the form of assent served as evidence that all the members of the company agree with the proposed re-registration. Accordingly, each member must enter his/her full then sign and date of the form of assent. If in any circumstances, the member is not able to authenticate the form of assent, a person lawfully authorized by the member may authenticate on the member’s behalf.

Companies House fee

Additionally, don’t forget to pay the statutory fee to Companies House for your application to re-register. Otherwise, your application will not be processed without the fee. You may pay by cheque or by postal order. Write your cheque payable to Companies House.

Unlimited company legal filings

Your unlimited company is not required to deliver company accounts to Companies House. However, you must still submit your confirmation statement with Companies House at least once every 12 months.

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