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Change limited company name


Change limited company name with Companies House. Our accountant will handle your company name change application with companies house from start to finish including obtaining the Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name for your company. This is a standard service company name change application service.

Companies House allows limited company to change their name. The company name change procedure is similar to that of incorporating a new limited company when come to checking your new company name availability. This is to ensure your company name is not already registered by other businesses or too closely similar to existing limited company names.

Your new company name application would be rejected if it is too similar to that of an existing limited company or that you used certain reserved words that may cause confusion to the public.

Your company name become official when Companies House issue your Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name.

After your company name change has been successful, you must now ensure your new company name is incorporated in your official company stationery such as your letterhead, website and other official materials.

If your company is registered for VAT you must also inform the HM Revenue and Customs so that they to update your company details accordingly.

Our company name change service is handled by a professional accountant with years of experience dealing with Companies House administrative and filing procedures.

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