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Protect your address from credit reference agencies

Usually, Companies House would not publish your home address on the public register but your address would not be withheld from credit reference agencies. This means anyone would like to know where you live can get this information from these agencies. The good news is you can protect your address from credit reference agencies.

However, you can only apply to have your address withheld from credit reference agencies if you are at risk of violence or intimidation because of the nature of your business or the work involved.

You would require to provide proof to Companies House. For examples, a police report number on recent attacked. Additionally, if you have photos and recordings of a threat or attack will be helpful.

For instance, your company trade in animals furs and you have been targeted by the animals’ rights activists. Even with full security cameras and securely gated property, your glass windows been damaged by stones coming from outside your property.

For this, you must apply to Companies House to have your address withheld from credit reference agencies.

How to apply to protect your address

You must contact Companies House to request the relevant application form. Companies House’s contact details are as follows:

Telephone0303 1234 500
Opening hoursMonday to Friday, 8:30am to 6pm
source: Companies House

The application cost is £100. The return address and how to pay Companies House are on the form.

This aside, you can also apply to Companies House to have your home address already published on the public register to be removed. The cost per document for this purpose is £32.

Companies House filings during COVID-19 pandemic

Companies House created an interim paperless filing service to accept documents which would normally require a live signature. You can easily upload your documents to Companies House online platform.

On the same note, you are also encouraged to use the WebFiling service to submit the following documents to Companies House.

Correspondingly, you would require your company’s authentication code to file online. The authentication code is the electronic equivalent of your company’s director(s) signatures. Hence, you must keep it safe.

If you require help with your company’s filings, contact Our accountants. They will be more than happy to assist you.

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