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Overseas company in the UK

Official stationery of overseas company

After successfully registering your overseas company with Companies House in the UK, the official stationery of your overseas company must display certain information.

Your business letters, order forms and websites used in promoting your business in the UK must include the following details: The display of the information in the official stationery of your overseas company must be in characters that can be read with naked eye.

Overseas company registered in the European Economic Area (EEA)

  1. Your overseas company name
  2. Where the establishment is registered
  3. Your company registration number

If you would like to find out countries in Europe is part of the EEA, click here.

Non- EEA companies

Non-EEA companies are overseas companies not incorporated in the EEA countries.

  1. Your overseas company name
  2. Where the establishment is registered.
  3. Your company registration number.
  4. Country of incorporation. For example, Hong Kong or Malaysia.
  5. The identity of the registry, if any, in which your company is registered in your country of incorporation.
  6. If applicable, the number with which your company is registered in that registry.
  7. Your head office address.
  8. The legal form of your company such as a partnership or a company.
  9. Whether the liability of the members of your company is limited, whether your company is limited.
  10. If applicable, whether your company is being wound up or is subject to other insolvency proceedings. For example, if your company is under administration and you must disclose this fact.
  11. If you would like to disclose the amount of share capital on business letters, order forms or websites, your reference must be shown as paid-up share capital.

Generally, an overseas company is required to deliver company accounts to Companies House.

Official stationery for UK incorporated company

For UK incorporated companies, the information you must display on your official stationery, click here.

You must also send company accounts for your UK company to Companies House. Another document you must deliver to Companies House is your Confirmation Statement.

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