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Limited liability partnership (LLP) forms covered by PROOF

Limited liability partnership (LLP) forms covered by PROOF scheme is to protect your LLP from fraudsters who steal LLP’s identity. PROOF stands for PROtected Online Filing. This scheme was introduced by Companies House in 2005. According to Companies House, they are dealing with 50 to 100 cases of corporate identity theft every month. The LLP forms covered by PROOF scheme are listed below.

LLP formPurpose of the form
LL AR01Annual Return **
LL AP01Appointment of a member
LL AP02Appointment of a corporate member
LL CH01Change of member’s details
LL CH02Change of corporate member’s details
LL TM01Termination of appointment of a member
LL AD01Change of registered office address

** Companies House introduced the confirmation statement form LL CS01 to replace the annual return form LL AR01 in June 2016.

Generally, once you join the PROOF scheme, you would file the above LLP forms online. For this purpose, you would require your authentication code issued by Companies House to your LLP. If you have misplaced your code, you can always request it again from Companies House.

Subsequently, companies house will send the code to your registered office address.

If you have any questions about the Companies House PROOF scheme, contact companies house.

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