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You may change your company name with Companies House. Accordingly, you must complete the change company name forms to change your existing company name to a new name. In addition, you must also send in your special or written resolutions or court orders plus the statutory fee payable to Companies House.

Companies House would reject incorrect or incomplete forms. Click here for the common errors made by applicants when writing their company names on the Companies House forms.

Thereafter, Companies House will check your desired new company name availability whether it is available for registration. Universally, there is a restriction on the use of certain sensitive and reserved words in your company name. For example, if you are to use a sensitive word such as “accredited” in your company name. Then, you must obtain formal approval from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Standards and Accreditation team.

If everything is in order, they will issue the certificate of change of name then your new company name become official.

Generally, you may change your company name with Companies House yourself. However, it is highly recommended you seek accountants advice If you are not familiar with the change of name procedure.

Below are the Companies House forms to complete for change of company name.

Form reference Purpose of the form
NM01Change a company name
NM02Give notice of a conditional change of name
NM03Confirm satisfaction of the resolution of change of name
NM04Notify a change of name by means provided for in the articles
NM05Give notice of change of name by resolution of directors
NM06Request to seek comments on change of name

Post company name change

Thereafter, you must use your new company names when submitting your confirmation statement and company accounts with Companies House. Also, remember to update all your company’s official stationery like your business website and so on.

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