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Company incorporation documents

Company incorporation documents you need to register a limited company with Companies House in the United Kingdom are as follows.

Memorandum of Association

One of the company incorporation documents is the memorandum of association. It is a form of contract with the world in general. It states:

  • Your company’s name and registered office address.
  • Your company’s objective and its powers.
  • Shareholders liability is limited.
  • The share capital and classes of shares and nominal value of each share.
  • The names and address of your original subscribers (shareholders). And the number of shares issued to your subscribers.

Articles of Association

Another incorporation document is the Articles of association. It sets out the regulations governing your company’s internal affairs such as how shares will be allocated. Who are your directors and secretary? How your meetings will be governed. Subsequently, any changes can only be made with 75% of voting rights obtained.

Statement of first Directors and Secretary and Intended situation of Registered Office

The third document is the statement of first directors and secretary and the intended situation of registered office. It states the prescribed details of your first directors and company secretary and your registered office.

On the same note, the appointment of a company secretary is optional unless you are a public limited company. Then you must have a company secretary. Your company secretary must have the relevant skills and qualifications to hold the position. For example, he/she must be a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

Declaration of Compliance

Your director or sectary named in the statement of first directors and secretary to make the declaration of compliance with the requirements on the application for registration of a company.

Documents no longer needed

Subsequent to the implementation of the Companies Act 2006, only the memorandum and articles of associations are required for new company incorporation. In short, the statement of first directors and secretary and intended situation registered office plus a statement of compliance is no longer needed.

Company registration with Companies House

Before anything else, you can use the company name availability checker to check your company desired name whether it is available or already taken. Also, make sure your desired company name is not too similar to company names already on the register. This is to avoid Companies House return your incorporation documents for amendments. Thus, this would expedite your company incorporation.

You must also complete and include the Companies House form IN01 with incorporation documents for Companies House.

Certificate of incorporation

Companies House would process your company incorporation documents. Consequently, they will issue a certificate of incorporation once your company is successfully incorporated.

You would need your incorporation documents to open a business bank account. Your bank needs them.

Post incorporation of your limited company

Subsequently, you must deliver your confirmation statement and company accounts to Companies House every year.

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