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Bike repair voucher

The UK government launched the bike repair voucher scheme called “Fix your bike voucher scheme” as part of their effort to encourage people to cycle rather than use private cars for short journeys. Cycling not only keeps you fit but also reduce air pollution compared to driving a car.

If you have an unused bike that requires repair you can get the bike repair voucher to pay for your bike repair. The voucher is worth £50. You can use the voucher to pay for your bike repair costs. The Fix your bike voucher scheme is for anyone living in England.

Types of bike repairs

The voucher covers the following repairs costs:

Inspection, adjustment, lubrication, tyre inflation.
Or adjustment, repair, replacement of:

  • tyres, tubes, wheels and related components;
  • braking system components;
  • transmission system components;
  • any other essential components which prevent safe use of the bike e.g. deteriorated grips or saddle, failed bottom bracket, failed headset bearings;
  • components for permanently fitted dynamo-powered lighting systems.

However, you are not allowed to use the voucher for the following:

  • replacement or upgrade of existing safe and roadworthy components;
  • replacement or repair of removable or battery-powered lighting systems;
  • provision of any additional parts or accessories, whether attached to the bike or for the rider’s use;
  • replacement of any part or component, even if the replacement is necessary and otherwise eligible, by a component of disproportionate value where a component of quality and value more closely matching the original is reasonably available. In other words, it is not permitted for new parts to represent very significant upgrading not essential for roadworthiness.

When registering to get the Fix your bike voucher, you must provide your details about your bike. This includes the type of bike you have. for example, a commuter bike or town bike or racing bike or folding bike or electric bike or adaptive bike etc.

You must also specify the brand of your bike. For example, it is a Cannondale or Specialized etc and the main colour of your bike.

Registered bike repairs shop or mechanics

Only use the bike repair voucher with the bike repairs shops or bike mechanics registered with the Fix your bike voucher scheme. You can find the registered bike repairs shops and mechanics here.

Note down your bike repair voucher code, you will need this when you take your bike to the shop for repairs.

Also, bring documents for proof of your identity and your address. For example, your passport or driving licence for proof of identity. Utility bills such as water or electricity or council tax bill for proof of address.

Companies House filings

If you run your business using a limited company, remember to deliver your company accounts and confirmation statement to Companies House on time to avoid a late filing penalty.

If you require any help with your company filings, feel free to contact our accountants, they will be more than happy to assist you.

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