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Lunar new year greetings 2021

Lunar new year greetings to each other are common so when you meet someone who celebrates the Chinese new year 2021, what are you going to greet him or her?

The most common greeting phrase is “Gong Xi Fa Chai” 恭喜发财. “Gong xi” means congratulations and “fa cai” means prosperity.

There are other greetings messages you can use:

Greetings in EnglishGreetings in Mandarin (with ping yin)
Wish you a Happy new year祝你新年快乐
Zhù nǐ xīnnián kuàilè
Wish you to have a good health祝你身体健康
Zhù nǐ shēntǐ jiànkāng
Wish your business prosper祝您生意兴隆
Zhù nín shēngyì xīnglóng
Wish your dreams come true祝你梦想成真
Zhù nǐ mèngxiǎng chéng zhēn
Wish you everything goes well and smooth祝你一切顺利
Zhù nǐ yīqiè shùnlì

Chinese new year food

Besides, the lunar new year greetings, delicious food is a way to gather everyone around the table to celebrate.

Lunar new year red envelops

Red envelops are commonly given to kids and unmarried individuals in Chinese culture.

We, at Concise, would like to wish everyone in business “sheng yi xing long” 生意兴隆. Enjoy your lunar new year 2021. If you require help to take care of your company accounts and confirmation statement, feel free to contact our accountants.

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